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@the_mrsnesbitt was looking to spruce her twitter account with a new profile picture so she asked me for some ideas…so this is what I came up with. She wanted her face in it somehow and was interested in a cartoonish style. The only other thing was she wanted to wave around her missing arm like Buzz Lightyear does in this scene.

You can check out her game streaming shenanigans via her Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/the_mrsnesbitt
Typical scene of me between drawing odd doodles or writing random games reviews. I wanted a some sort of drawing involving what I can do to use as a banner image for my social media accounts.
Of course it had to be being choked up with game and anime references. During the Euros 2016 I made a slight alteration to the scene....

Gabs Tanner is a games critic currently writing for We Got This Covered and her own personal blog Gabs Tanner Reviews. She has also previously written for Wales Arts Review and GamersFTW. “Writing has always been my go to device for connecting with the world, while exploring my personal opinions. Meanwhile, being a Critic gives the opportunity to make conversation, through sharing experiences with others.”

While at GamersFTW Gabs asked if I would be interested in designing her a banner image that she could use for her personal blog and social media pages. She stated that she would like the banner to contain no writing so that she could use it no matter who she was writing for, and that it should include a number of games references. The list giving included…“Alice Madness Returns, Persona 3, Zelda, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Tekken, Left 4 Dead, Katamari, Bayonetta, Splatoon, Borderlands (2/Tales from the), Portal 2, The Binding of Isaac, Bioshock (and Infinite), Castle Crashers, Don't Starve, Plants vs Zombies, Psychonauts, Space Channel 5: Part 2, Zoombinis”

Check out her stuff at www.gabstanner.wordpress.com

The panda posse trying their hand at Splatoons brutal and messy turf wars!
The panda posse struggling to get to grips with life in the commonwealth wasteland!
While at GamersFTW I created a couple of banners for our various social media accounts optimising them for each outlet. These are a couple of examples for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
GamersFTW attended the odd event or two so I was also asked to create some promotional material to take along with us to boost the site.

The first scenario with the whole Panda team, who are in the midst of an intense gaming session. Used for a short time on social media banners for GamersFTW, but unfortunately the site has now been taken down.
After creating Devito I wanted to draw him in some funny game related scenarios but thought he'd get a tad lonely all by himself. So I thought I'd make for him a little posse.

Directory Squirrel are an online business directory that gets to the point! For businesses, they'll put you in front of your potential clients so you can grow your business.

After designing the Pixel Patch logo I was then asked to create a logo for a business directory website. The criteria given to me was that it had to match the style of the website and the general thought of "a squirrel with binoculars". From the concepts a side view design was chosen but after seeing the final design it was altered so that the squirrel was looking off to the side rather then into the sky.

Pixel Patch is a Web Design & Development company based in Kent with the tagline of "creating your patch in cyber space". Their services include website consultancy, web design, content writing and social media management.

I was asked by the manager of the company if I could design them a new logo for their business. The criteria I was given was to design a simple rocket, which eventually turned into a shuttle after showing him my initial designs. The only other specifications were that the colour scheme had to match the that of the text used on the website.

Visit them at: www.pixelpatch.co.uk
GamersFTW is a leading video game news,
reviews and features website. They are well established with a loyal reader base of over 50,000 Twitter followers, and excellent industry relationships. They're not aiming to be the biggest out there by any means, but they do want to provide the most insightful variety of content that engages with their readers

After creating an avatar for GamersFTW to use on their social media sites I was asked if I could design some merchandise with the character to help promote the site. As the character was new to the site no one would now how it was connected to us, so I redrew the sites panda mascot to match the style of the avatar so that they could feature together on promotional material. The Panda design was taken out of one of the t-shirt designs and eventually replaced the sites original logo.

Visit them at: www.gamersftw.co.uk
Daniel Vaughan
Computer Games Design graduate from South Wales. Enthusiastic gamer, otaku, games journalist, doodler and wannabe animator.